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At GIFU we sell a curated collection of tablewares from established ceramic makers and family-owned and operated kilns from the Gifu prefecture of Japan.

Gifu is located in central Japan with its unique geography and natural resources making it an ideal location for ceramic and porcelain production dating as far back as the 13th Century.
In addition to the clay, Gifu also has a rich tradition of skilled craftsmanship and gives heritage and provenance to the term 'Made in Japan ceramics'.

Skilled ceramic, porcelain & pottery makers have lived and worked in the region for generations, passing down their techniques and knowledge to the next generation. Gifu is known for producing a wide variety of ceramic styles, including Oribe ware, Shino ware, and Mino ware. These styles are characterized by their unique shapes, glazes, and designs often dating back centuries with modern Japanese ceramic brands paying respect to the history and traditions while designing and making new and exciting designs.

Featured are photos from our recent visit to the Maruasa Porcelain Factory in Tajimi, Gifu who have made some of the world's finest porcelain tableware for over 100 years.