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Incausa is a social enterprise based in Brooklyn, New York that specializes in producing incense, soap, resin, and other items that are inspired by indigenous ritual practices. The brand works with indigenous artisans in Brazil, Peru, and Nepal to source materials and to create their products.

Social enterprises may reinvest their profits into their mission, or use them to support the communities they serve. They often work with marginalised or disadvantaged groups and prioritise fair trade practices, environmental sustainability, and ethical sourcing of materials.

A social enterprise company aims to address social or environmental issues through their products or services, while also being financially sustainable. Practicing this way primarily focuses on creating social or environmental impact, rather than just generating profits for shareholders.

In the case of Incausa, their mission is to support indigenous communities and to promote the preservation of cultural practices and traditions. They prioritise fair wages and sustainable work opportunities for people from these indigenous communities. In addition to their social mission, Incausa is also committed to sustainability.

Incausa Palo and Makko Incense - Sandalwood - -Incausa

Incausa use natural, eco-friendly materials in their products and packaging, they also prioritise responsible production practices. By buying from social enterprises like Incausa, consumers can feel good knowing that their purchase is supporting a greater cause and making a positive impact in the world, which is an ethos that we absolutely encourage at GIFU.