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Traditional Japanese ceramic designs are synonymous with minimalism and timelessness, with, of course, a huge focus on functionality.

When we think about Japanese ceramic designs, we envision a style influenced by clean lines, understated motifs, a connection to nature, and ergonomic shapes.

The sleek simplicity and practicality of understated ceramic tableware is our focus at Gifu. We choose makers who create pieces that resonate with contemporary lifestyles while still offering a traditional feel, along with practical and aesthetically pleasing solutions for everyday living.

Timeless design principles are deeply ingrained in Japanese culture and are indispensable elements of living spaces today. This minimalist approach not only accentuates the purity of the natural materials used but also allows for effortless integration into various interior styles, from modern and minimalist to traditional and rustic.

Gifu Prefecture is world-famous for the longstanding tradition of ceramic production (Mino ware, or Mino yaki in Japanese), dating back centuries.

For over 1300 years now, the area has been known as the largest producer of ceramics in Japan. Mino ware doesn’t have a single style but instead has over 15 types of ceramics registered as traditional handicrafts. Inspired by the natural world, Gifu has successfully maintained a long history and tradition.

Most production is from Tajimi, Toki, Mizunami, and Kani and has produced some famous artists like Kozo Kato and Osamu Suzuki.

Not all of our styles in store have been made in Gifu, while most is, we also celebrate Makers from other regions of Japan.

One of our favourite and most popular Makers here at Gifu is Chips Inc Japan, based in the Gunma Prefecture, a little closer to Tokyo.

Chips Inc Japan is a perfect example of the form and function philosophy Japan is known for. At Gifu, we have a few of their collections. Bricks by Chips, Heuge and their Original Collection shown here below.