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Our Drinkware selection is designed to enhance your daily rituals with skilfully made designs you'll favour forever. Glass and ceramic styles made from premium materials, in versatile options for every drink, including travel bottles and tumblers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of drinkware vessels are available and what materials are used in the range at Gifu?

Our collection of ceramic drinkware comes in various styles including espresso, coffee, tea and soup mugs in both traditional and modern designs. We offer clear and amber cast glassware from KINTO Japan, along with their travel tumblers in 2 sizes. Memobottle is also included in our collection in 3 sizes.

All are designed to enhance specific beverage experiences, although there are of course no rules to personal preference and style.

Ceramic mugs are primarily made from clay and other natural materials, like porcelain, red clay and earthenware. They are fired at high temperatures to create a sturdy and heat resistant surface. Our glassware styles are heat resistant too.

Can I find ceramic tumblers or cups with cultural motifs?

Audrey Ceramic is one of the local artists we have in store. Her handmade tumblers feature traditional, cultural motifs such as lotus flower and leaf carvings. She also chooses her coloured glazes to match these traditional features perfectly, the oribe green and smokey black glazes especially.

Other labels offer a traditional feel by their clean lines and natural textures. In the KINTO Japan glassware range the simplicity of the sleek designs contribute to the traditional feel and aesthetic.

Can I use the glass drinkware by KINTO Japan for hot beverages?

Yes, glass drinkware designed for hot beverages is available from KINTO Japan. They design their glass range with heat resistant glass.

At Gifu, we also have double-walled glass cups and mugs which can handle both hot and cold drinks while keeping the exterior cool to touch.

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