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Onxy Coffee Lab

"Never Settle for Good Enough" has become the slogan at Onlyx Coffee Lab, a mantra that permeates everything they do in the process of bringing us the best tea & coffee from all around the world.

At GIFU, we've chosen the Onyx favourite Tropical Weather, Monarch, Eclipse & Cold Brew from the coffee range. Gochujang Chai & Genmaicha from the teas.

Onxy has some of the best tea & coffee professionals and every drink, every interaction, every item is cared for, intentionally made, watched over, and executed to be exactly right. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the best way to store coffee?

Once the bag of coffee is opened, it's good for about 30 days. The 10 oz boxes are created to be tight and act as coffee containers, so you can leave it in the packaging it came in.

Once you open your new coffee for the first time, just roll the bag up and place it back in the box with the lid shut. This will keep your coffee tasting good.

Is Onyx coffee ground or whole bean?

The Onxy Coffee Lab coffee comes as whole bean. This means you can keep your coffee longer and also choose which grind suits you best.

There is information on each product page about which size grind and also the best way to brew each one.

Which Onyx coffee is best for espresso?

Monarch is one of two blends created year-round specifically designed for espresso. Enjoy it either as drip or espresso, both with and without milk. The roast is on the darker side which makes the perfect espresso.

It's also a stand out with milk or cream added because of it being one of the more developed roasts. It mixes well with creamy bases and creates a rich flavour. It involves a natural, sugar-dense coffee that binds to the fats and creates multiple complex caramelised notes during the roasting process.