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Explore our collection of the highest rated and most loved designs here at Gifu. A mix of Tableware, Homewares and Lifestyle products curated from across the world, including unique pieces from talented local artisans and handcrafted Japanese Ceramics made by renowned artisans in Japan.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which countries do you import your ceramics from at Gifu?

Our products are mostly imported from Gifu Prefecture, Japan. You'll find this collection under Gifu Ware.

Artists in store who live local to our physical space in Melbourne are Hermon Blue and Audrey Ceramic. You'll also find well known Melbourne based brands like Memobottle and Studio Milligram among our collections.

Ceramist Tami Pizzetti who created E.B.H resides in Juncal, Portugal.

Mikasa is imported from Japan and made in Malaysia.

We also stock Incausa Incense, a Brooklyn, USA based social enterprise who collaborate with native communities in Brazil.

Our focus is on well made, unique and ethically sourced products curated from anywhere in the world.

Are the Japanese ceramics made in Japan mass-produced or handcrafted?

At Gifu, we choose to highlight the best of craftsmanship and artistic expression. These pieces are not mass-produced but rather created by skilled artisans who have dedicated years to mastering their craft.

Choosing ceramic tableware over mass-produced adds a quality to the experience otherwise manufactured products don't offer. Each piece of handmade pottery is completely unique and it simply cannot be replicated by mass-manufacture. It's also environmentally better as it's a more sustainable choice.

All Japanese ceramics at Gifu are high grade and handmade.

What can I expect in terms of packaging and shipping for my ceramics if I order online from Gifu?

We take care in packaging our ceramics to ensure they reach you in perfect condition. Each piece is securely wrapped to prevent damage during transit. Some items have their own individual boxes for extra protection too.

For shipping, we use reliable carriers to deliver your purchase safely and promptly.

If you're buying as a gift, we're happy to individually wrap your selections before packing them into a box to enhance their overall experience. Feel free to contact us via email or phone to let us know.

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