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Sensory & Incense

A hand-picked range of sensory experiences to transform and uplift the home. Each item within this collection is thoughtfully chosen based on the story it tells and the ambiance it creates. Our selection includes Incausa handmade ceramic incense holders and incense, YIELD glass incense holders and incense and also our favourite Studio Milligram products from their sensory range.


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Frequently Asked Questions

If I'm buying Incausa incense for a gift which one would you recommend?

Any choice you make within the incense range here at Gifu will make a beautiful, thoughtful gift.

All 4 Resin Blends in the stick bundles are very popular as they each have a traditional earthy, woody scent and they're totally free from synthetic fragrance. The bundles of 6 are wrapped in traditional Loki paper too which gives them a handmade aesthetic.

The Makko Brick Incense is also a good choice, they may be more suitable if you're unsure if the person you're buying for has a stick holder. You can easily break pieces off and place on any heat resistant surface, like a small bowl or plate.

The meditation bundle brings these options together and offers a taste test of all Incausa sensory products. Included is each of the Resin Blend incense sticks, Palo Santo wood, essential oil soap and 2 brick Makko incense sticks.

You could also add a Shino Incense Holder or a small dish to complete the gift, depending on your incense choice.

How are Studio Milligram scents developed?

The scents from the Studio Milligram sensory range have been developed with the inspiration of native Australian botanicals. Each are made purposely with calming, relaxation and focus in mind.

Essential oils are derived directly from natural sources like roots, flowers, leaves, or seeds of plants. Fragrances for candles and incense are created using a blend developed in collaboration with a Melbourne perfumer.

All scents have been made sustainably from suppliers who share the same commitment to responsible practices.

Do YIELD incense sticks contain any harmful ingredients?

YIELD is committed to crafting incense that is free from synthetic additives and harmful chemicals. They are instead made with an essential oils and fragrance oil blend.

YIELD incense sticks are thoughtfully formulated using natural and ethically sourced components. They are SLS free, paraben free, sulphate free, paraffin free, phthalate free, gluten free, vegan & cruelty free.