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Ceramic & Glass Bowls designed for everyday, in a range of different sizes. Our collection features varieties for every occasion. Styles are inspired by both traditional Japanese and modern, contemporary trends.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different types of Japanese style bowls?

Japanese style bowls, often referred to as "chawan" or "wan," are bowls that reflect the aesthetics and cultural heritage of Japan, usually with characteristics that reflect it's handmade quality, making each piece unique.

Japanese style bowls come in a range of types, including rice bowls (donburi), noodle bowls (ramen or udon bowls), tea ceremony bowls (chawan), and soup bowls (shiru-wan).

At Gifu, we have all of these styles along with handmade glass bowls with intricate detailing, perfect both in the kitchen or on display as a centrepiece.

What materials are commonly used in bowls that are made in Japan?

Japanese bowls are traditionally made from ceramics, porcelain, earthenware and stoneware. These materials are the baseline of Japanese craftsmanship and are known for their durability and good looks.

What makes bowls handmade in Japan, unique in design?

Japanese style bowls are known for their simplicity, minimalism, and attention to detail. They often feature subtle patterns, earthy colours, and clean lines.

Traditional Japanese styles are thoughtfully designed to cater for different foods. For example, ramen bowls have a deep shape to hold broth and noodles, while donburi bowls are wider and shallower for rice based dishes.