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Koyo Japan

Koyo Japan is a curation of Mino Ware handmade in Japan. The collection features vintage inspired pieces in retro designs and colourful glazes. Each style in our collection is crafted by skilled artisans, preserving the heritage of a culture known for its attention to detail and dedication to excellence.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Where does the name Koyo come from?

'Koyo' is a Japanese term that refers to the phenomenon of autumn foliage or fall colours. It's often used to describe the beautiful transformation of tree leaves into vibrant shades of red, orange, and yellow during the autumn season in Japan. The word 'Koyo' is a combination of 'ko' meaning 'red' and 'yo' meaning 'leaves.'

During the Koyo season, locals and visitors from around the world engage in 'Momijigari,' which translates to 'maple leaf hunting.' People travel to scenic areas, gardens, temples, and parks to appreciate the beautiful display of autumn colours.

Koyo starts from the north of the country in regions like Hokkaido and Tohoku, then works it's way down the south side to Kanto and Kyushu.

What are Retro ceramics made in Japan usually inspired by?

In Japan, the retro era is often associated with the mid-20th century. This time was a period marked by distinctive cultural, artistic, and design influences commonly referred to as the 'Showa period'.

The Western influence, mid-century modernism, pop art, consumerism and space age aesthetics all play a part in Japanese retro designs.

At Gifu, we admire how Japanese traditions have been reinterpreted in these classic pieces. A blend of contemporary colours with traditional elements result in unique styles that celebrate both the past and the present.

Koyo Japan's Countryside collection is inspired by the American Diner aesthetic. In most retro styles we see bold colours in a thick, sturdy ceramic design.

How can I incorporate Retro Japanese Ceramics into my decor?

Pieces can be showcased as standalone decorative pieces or integrated into your existing decor, they're meant to be mixed and matched and there are absolutely no rules.

Contrasting colours still work well together even if your usual style is to match your decor stories. Try choosing one colour as your main, then adding other colours in the same design for your complimenting styles in fewer pieces.

If you don't want to go too bold but still love that vintage aesthetic, pair the Koyo Japan Retro Sienna Plates and the Trip Ware Amber or Olive Green pieces together. These colours work so well because they have earthy yet vibrant tones.

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