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A collection of glass and ceramic Mugs in all sizes, for all occasions. Labels such as Audrey Ceramic, Kinto Japan, Koyo Japan, Gifu Ware, Percent Porcelain, Mikasa, Chips Inc. Japan, Tamaki and E.B.H.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most popular brands for mugs stocked at Gifu?

Chips Japan is one of our most loved brands in store. Their most popular design is the stack mugs, then the larger mugs following closely behind. Chips Japan mugs are made in bright colour glazes and with a strong porcelain. They are quite thick, making them feel sturdy and comfortable to hold. The stackable feature means they are easy to store in smaller areas and makes them look great on shelves or open displays.

The KINTO Japan glassware in cast amber and sepia are also store favourites. The nostalgic aesthetic is warm and inviting, they're also easily paired with other tableware and homeware pieces such as jewel toned or earthy coloured ceramics.

Are there specific regions in Japan known for traditional mug craftsmanship?

Regions like Kyoto and Gifu are renowned for their rich history of ceramic and porcelain craftsmanship, which often influences the traditional style of Japanese mugs.

These are the most known however almost every one of the 47 prefectures in Japan make their own unique ceramics. Each usually uses locally available materials and have their own characteristics, from earthy clay bowls to highly decorative white porcelain.

Which ceramic mugs are most popular for giving as gifts?

If you're wanting to give a thoughtful gift with significance, our Gifu Ware Shironeri Rinka Mug inspired by the chrysanthemum flower is the perfect design.

In Japanese culture, the chrysanthemum holds a place of profound importance. Referred to as 'kiku' in Japanese, the flower symbolises longevity, rejuvenation, and the imperial family.

Giving a gift of a chrysanthemum flower design is a kind gesture which shows respect, cultural symbolism and thoughtful consideration.

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