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Chips Japan are based in the Takasaki area of the Gunma Prefecture, Japan. They've been making their unique, colourful tableware since 2016.

All pieces are handmade using either fine porcelain or stoneware. The stackable plates, bowls & mugs are built for everyday use with a nostalgic aesthetic and a durable feel.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Earthenware?

Earthenware was used to make some of the oldest known pottery. The most common earthenware clay is Terracotta.

Before porcelain, the majority of Japanese pottery was made in earthenware clay.

What's the difference between Earthenware and Porcelain?

The differences are in the composition, firing temperature, and physical characteristics. Earthenware is more suited for pottery, decorative items, and everyday tableware. Porcelain is stronger and has the ability to withstand high temperatures, so it's suited better for oven-to-table use and for serving hot food and beverages.

Are the materials used in Chips Inc ceramics eco-friendly?

Chips Inc values sustainability and eco-conscious practices, they strive to prioritise environmentally responsible choices and employ sustainable initiatives.

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