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Dulton Porcelain is made in Tajimi City in the Gifu Prefecture, Japan. The brand focuses on simple, sophisticated and lightweight porcelain designs using advanced moulding technology.

One of the key features is the stackable design. The shape of the pieces is carefully crafted to make them easy to use and store. Despite its lightweight design, Dulton Porcelain is also known for its strength and durability, making it ideal for everyday use.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What temperature can the Dulton porcelain plates tolerate?

For everyday use at home most porcelain plates are perfectly suitable and safe to use in the oven although caution is key.

Avoid Rapid Temperature Changes: Porcelain can be sensitive to sudden temperature changes. It's generally a good idea to avoid placing cold porcelain directly into a preheated oven, as this could lead to thermal shock and cause the item to crack.

Preheat Gradually: If the porcelain item is deemed oven-safe, it's advisable to preheat the oven gradually. This helps the porcelain adjust to the increasing temperature more smoothly.

Avoid Direct Heat: While many porcelain items can be used in the oven, it's often recommended to avoid direct contact with open flames or extreme heat sources, such as a stovetop burner.

What size are the dinner bowls?

Considered a medium to large sized Japanese bowls. They have shallow edges so they're also commonly used as plates and serving dishes. The larger style is H:3.5cm and W:23cm.

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