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Bricks by CHIPS

Chips Japan are based in the Takasaki area of the Gunma Prefecture, Japan. They've been making their unique and colourful tableware since 2016.

The BRICKS collection brings warmth and fun with their timeless designs and their bold colours.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the mugs made from in the BRICKS collection by CHIPS Japan?

All designs - Mugs, Plates and Bowls - are handmade in Japan using the highest quality, fine red clay.

Red clay is known for it's workability and smooth texture. It can be easily molded and the end result after firing is a strong, durable piece that will last generations.

It's also a popular choice for ceramicists because the natural colour has a distinct reddish hue, giving tableware and other ceramic styles a warm earthy aesthetic.

Can you tell us more about the integral mold technique used by Chips Japan?

The integral mold technique employed used by Chips Japan in the BRICKS collection, specifically for the mugs. The method is a unique way of creating a mold where both the body and handle of the mugs are crafted from a single piece.

This process results in a seamless and harmonious design, giving the mugs smooth curves and unbeatable strength as there is no join between the body and the handle.

Is international shipping available for BRICKS by CHIPS Japan's ceramics?

Gifu is based in Brunswick, Melbourne and offers shipping worldwide. Ceramics are wrapped carefully, sustainably and with the unboxing experience in mind.

If you're purchasing as a gift and having it shipped straight to them, you can let us know in the notes section at the checkout and we'll make sure it's wrapped as a gift. We're also happy to write a personalised note from you.

Heuge by CHIPS Japan