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A collection of side, salad, dinner and display plates in various sizes to cater for all personal styles. Browse through minimal, contemporary and traditional Japanese designs different textures and glazes. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of plate styles are available at Gifu?

Our collection offers a diverse range of plate styles, each crafted to suit various dining occasions.

Styles include classic round plates, mid-century flat plates, unique square plates, rustic and textured plates, as well as specialty plates like sushi and dessert plates.

Matching plate sets from small to large sizes are also available at Gifu to create a cohesive and visually appealing table setting. Display plates in all sizes are among our collection too.

How do handmade Japanese plates differ from mass-produced ones?

Handmade plates are distinguished by their one of a kind nature. They might feature subtle irregularities in textures and glaze finishes.

Mass-produced plates, on the other hand, are uniform and precise in design.

At Gifu, all plates are handmade. We appreciate the art and workmanship in every curve and detail.

Does Gifu offer restaurant quality plates in commercial quantities?

Commercial orders are available in large quantities for restaurants, cafes or events.

As these orders are very specific to your business and the aesthetic of your brand, we can help to style, recommend and cater to your project via email or phone.

Get in contact with us at to start a conversation.